Success Stories

Carton Conveyor

Alliance Lorneville

Identifying process constraints and adapting systems for increased future growth is an ongoing challenge for many primary food processors.


The team at Alliance Lorneville built a new boning and packing room and quickly realised that the delivery of empty cartons to the packing tables was slowing down processing in the room.

The existing delivery method resulted in packing staff having downtime as they waited for cartons to arrive. Another Alliance site had installed a carton conveyor and it was hoped that a similar solution could be installed at Lorneville.


A carton conveyor was designed to take assembled cartons from the floor above directly above the boning and packing room.

This new design allowed assembled cartons to be added as required to ensure a steady supply of cartons to the packing area.


Alliance Project Engineer Wayne Rolliston was pleased that the project achieved the objective of increasing productivity in the packing area.

Assembled cartons are now more readily available to packing staff thus reducing downtime and increasing throughput.


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